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Mississippi Justice Institute Plans to Continue Taxi Fight

In advance of Jackson’s Planning Committee meeting tomorrow, MJI announces intention to keep fighting business-killing regulations

(JACKSON) – Last month the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled against John Davis and Shad Denson, two Mississippi Justice Institute clients and taxi entrepreneurs who were challenging the City of Jackson’s business-killing taxi regulations. But the Supreme Court left the door open for the case to be refiled, which is what the Mississippi Justice Institute is preparing to do now.

“We’re disappointed in the ruling, but the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled against our clients on what lawyers call ‘procedural grounds,’” said Shadrack White, Director of the Mississippi Justice Institute. “The Court had a problem with how our case was filed two years ago. That leaves us the ability to start the case over from scratch, though, which is what we intend to do.”

In the original lawsuit, Davis and Denson argued that the City of Jackson had passed numerous regulations that made it impossible to start a new taxi company and protected existing taxi companies. The City has regulations that require every taxi company to have a dispatcher on duty 24 hours a day, a minimum of 8 taxis for every company, a certain amount of cabs domiciled in the city, and an office inside city limits. The City also gives broad discretion to the City’s Transportation Permit and Review Committee to determine whether a new taxi company should be allowed in Jackson.

“These regulations are nonsense,” said White. “They do nothing to protect consumers. Why should a guy who’s scraped up enough money to buy two cabs instead of eight be disqualified from starting his company?”

White hopes the City will revise its taxi code and make the rules fairer for new market entrants. “The City Council should eliminate these regulations before our case is refiled. They should do so to help working people and the folks who want to start a business in Jackson. Our capital city needs all the new businesses it can get. My understanding is that the City Council’s Planning Committee will be meeting again tomorrow, May 10. I hope they take up the matter then.”



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