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Charter School Case: In The News

Last week the Mississippi Justice Institute argued on behalf of parents of charter school students in chancery court. Below is a sample of the news coverage.

Mississippi charter schools case hinges on key constitutional question (Mississippi Watchdog: 04/04/2017)

Mississippi Justice Institute director Mike Hurst, who is representing several parents who have children in both charter and Jackson Public Schools, told Mississippi Watchdog that the SPLC made some key admissions in their arguments in the case.

“I think when the SPLC admitted that the other types of public schools (the Mississippi School of Math and Science, for example) we have around the state — and that the Mississippi Legislature has authorized to receive both state and local funding — are constitutional, I don’t see how they can argue that public charter schools are unconstitutional. They are the same type of setup. It’s a contradiction in their argument.”

Is local tax support OK for charter schools? Court to decide (Clarion Ledger: 04/04/2017)

Mike Hurst, who is representing the group of Midtown parents, said ruling in favor of the plaintiffs would “send a shockwave through the public school system of Mississippi” and shutter the state’s charter schools.

He argued such a decision would also pose a threat to Mississippi’s conservatorship model because, when the state does an emergency takeover of a school district, local control is abolished.

“It would literally overturn the way we’ve been educating our children for over a 100 years,” Hurst said.

Charter School Law argued before Hinds County judge (NewsMS: 04/04/2017)

Mike Hurst, the Director of the Mississippi Justice Institute, joined the fight to represent parents of children who attend the schools in question.

“We argued on behalf of the students who are attending charter public schools here  in Jackson, and their parents, against a lawsuit brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center that seeks to shut down these schools and send students back to failing schools here in Jackson,” said Hurst.

Hearing held about Mississippi charter schools law (WJTV: 04/04/2017)

“Those local tax dollars are going directly to fund the education of those children, and we believe under the Mississippi constitution that is constitutional,” said Mike Hurst, director of the Mississippi Justice Institute.

Charter School Funding Case Before Hinds County Judge (Jackson Free Press: 04/04/2017)

Mike Hurst, a former Republican candidate for attorney general and the executive director of the Mississippi Justice Institute, represents parents of children who attend the charter schools in Jackson. Hurst said that if Judge Thomas granted SPLC’s request for summary judgment in the case, it would mean shuttering the charter schools.

“To deny my clients, these parents, (summary judgment) would send a shockwave through the public-school system of Mississippi… . [T]he Constitution allows local tax dollars to follow local children,” Hurst told Thomas.

You can also listen to Mike Hurst discuss the hearing on the Paul Gallo Show on the Supertalk Network here (begins at 11:05 mark).

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