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Charter Schools

Parents and Kids Fight to Save Charter Schools

The Mississippi Justice Institute represents a group of parents of students attending charter schools in Jackson against the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is suing to shut down charter schools in Mississippi.

The parents, all residents of Jackson, have children both in Jackson Public Schools and in ReImagine Prep and Smilow Prep, free public charter schools.

“My husband and I are homeowners. We pay our taxes. Our taxes should support our children’s public education, whether they are in a traditional school or in a free, public charter school. We are here today for our kids and for a choice in their education,” said one parent, Gladys Overton, at a press conference announcing the action on August 10, 2016. She continued, “This is about them and their future – nothing else. We simply want an opportunity for our voices to be heard. We will fight for the right to choose a public school for our children that meets their needs.”

Another parent, Tiffany Minor, also spoke at the August 10th press conference: “Like all parents, I want my child to have the kind of education that will allow her to pursue her dreams. Why would someone try to take that away from her? I should be able to choose where my children go to school. I’m here today for my daughter. The lawsuit that was filed threatens to close her new school and send her back to the district that failed her. My family needs this public option, and I intend to fight for it.”

MJI won the case at Hinds County Chancery Court, and the Southern Poverty Law Center then appealed the case to the Mississippi Supreme Court, where it currently sits.


Filing Date
August 10, 2016
Original Court:
Hinds County Chancery Court
Current Court:
Mississippi Supreme Court
Case Status:
Shadrack White, Director, Mississippi Justice Institute

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